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Ep 18 - Cincinnati Watch Company - Rick Bell

January 15, 2022 Matt DeMaris - The Cincy Brews Traveler / Rick Bell Season 3 Episode 1
Hustle & Brews
Ep 18 - Cincinnati Watch Company - Rick Bell
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I sit down w/ Cincinnati Watch Company's Rick Bell at Brink Brewing Company in College Hill, OH.
Rick Bell is one of the owners of Cincinnati Watch Company in Cincinnati, OH.
Listen to how a passion for timepieces & a deep love for his city & community, in general, lead Rick to co-creating the first watch company to assemble watches in Cincinnati since 1958!
We are also joined by Brink founder, Andrew McCleese, to talk about some of the beer we drank during the podcast.
 Podcast Production: John Bl@ze
 Theme Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly Likely
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Episode Summary
What's Your "Why"?
The Union Terminal Design & Design, Itself
The Watch Obsession
An Apple Watch? Planned Obsolescence
What Are We Drinking On?
Creating The Cincinnati Watch Company
One of the FIRST Digital Clocks EVER Was in Cincinnati...& Some Other Cool History
Coming Up with Designs - Community Connection
A $30k Watch vs a $250 Watch - Time is Money
Sponsor Ad - OwnerLand Realty
What Are We Drinking On Now?
More Historical Perspective
Cincinnati Watch Company is the Real Deal - A Rare Team of Partners
A Full-Time Side Hustle
Credits - Music & Production