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Ep 17 - Del Gardo's Cannoli Bar - Steve Del Gardo

September 26, 2021 Matt DeMaris - The Cincy Brews Traveler / Steve Del Gardo Season 2 Episode 7
Hustle & Brews
Ep 17 - Del Gardo's Cannoli Bar - Steve Del Gardo
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I sit down w/ Cincinnati's own..."The Cannoli Guy" at Third Eye Brewing Company in Sharonville, OH!

Steve Del Gardo is the owner of Del Gardo's Cannoli Bar in Covington, KY.

Hear how Steve's lifelong dream of being a business owner was realized after a winning  battle with breast cancer shifted his mind state to go for it.

We are also joined by Third Eye brewer, Chloe Schaefer, to talk about some of the beer we drank during the podcast & the upcoming collaboration they are working on w/ The Cannoli Guy.

Podcast Production: John Bl@ze
Theme Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly Likely
Sponsor Music: "Street Runner" by Cory Christopher Beats 

Episode Summary
THE Cannoli Guy
A Cannoli Beer! (& a Fundraiser)
What's Your "Why"?
The 9-5 Burnout
Breast Cancer & Following The Dream
What Are We Drinking On?
The Holy Cannoli Beer Collaboration
Entrepreneurial Influence & The Next Step
Hustler's Mentality & Food Talk
Overcoming Failures
Being Successful
What's Next? (The Truck & The Bearcat Cannoli)
Entrepreneurial Advice
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