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Ep 14 - Adena Distributing - Michael Amann

July 20, 2021 Matt DeMaris - The Cincy Brews Traveler / Michael Amann Season 2 Episode 3
Hustle & Brews
Ep 14 - Adena Distributing - Michael Amann
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This ep features Michael Amann of Adena Distributing.  I had the pleasure of sitting down w/ Michael at Darkness Brewing in Bellevue, Kentucky as we talked about his journey into the distribution game.  Adena Distributing is the premier craft beer distribution company in Ohio & is responsible for bringing in some of the best craft beer our bottle shops, tap houses, & local craft brew spots have to offer! They are the newest local distributor in the state & are already making big moves in the short time they have been around.

I’d heard of Adena before but this was my first time meeting Michael & I really didn’t have too much insight into his back story.  The thing that impressed me the most is the factors that pushed him to create a distribution company.  Michael created this company because he needed to make a career move…he didn’t see anything available for him…so he created his position by starting his own company. He had the industry experience, he saw an opportunity for innovation in a space that was lacking it, & he knew he could create a service that provided value to the local craft beer scene.

I love this interview. I met a really cool guy & we fell right into a comfortable & casual conversation that felt like we were old buddies just catching up, & he taught me a lot about an industry I didn’t know too much about. 

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What's Your "Why"?
Creating The Blueprint
What Are We Drinking On?
Darkness Brewing - Introducing Eric
What Are You Drinking - Beer Talk
That Time Ron Gave Me a HARD No
Entrepreneurial Influence
The Beginning - Were You Scared Shitless?
Starting Young is Hard - Escape The Rat Race
Distributing Explained
Landing Untitled Art - Building the Reputation
Where Adena Distributes
Entrepreneurial Advice
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