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Ep 12 - Hustle & Brews Podcast / OwnerLand Realty - Matt DeMaris

May 05, 2021 Matt DeMaris - The Cincy Brews Traveler Season 2 Episode 1
Hustle & Brews
Ep 12 - Hustle & Brews Podcast / OwnerLand Realty - Matt DeMaris
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This episode is different than any other &, honestly, it makes me writing this intro a little awkward. That’s because I’m the guest on this one & my wife is interviewing me. I typically give a nice long introduction on the episode’s guest & big up them about things they talked about in the interview & the hustle that got them to their position. However, since I’m the interviewee…that just seems weird, so…I’ll just tell you how the idea for this episode came about.

My buddy Rock is one of my most trusted long-time friends & I pitched him the idea of this podcast prior to recording anything & then I sent him the first episode I ever recorded to get his thoughts & feedback.  He said he wanted to hear more about me & suggested that we do a few episodes talking about my “Hustle Journey”.  I was resistant…especially to a couple episodes, but my wife agreed so we started tossing around the idea.  This episode is part of what we came up with. The traditional “Hustle & Brews” sit down interview over quite a few brews.

However, there is…& will be more.  See the whole reason I record this podcast, aside from loving to talk to hustlers while we drink craft beer, is to provide a blueprint for my kids. That’s, honestly, the bottom line to all this.  I think the insights & inspiration the folks I interview give us through telling their stories is invaluable & my goal is to document it so my kids can refer to the advice & guidance these amazing entrepreneurs lay out during our interviews.  Plus it documents me too. Long after I’m gone, these recordings will be available for my kids to listen to. Maybe even my grandkids or great grandkids & so on (on some Gary Vee shit).  I feel like I’m providing generations of my family w/ an opportunity to learn about a business owner’s mindset & to hear me & get to know me, in a sense.  That’s why I try to keep these super casual & edit as little as possible.  

That brings me to the “more” part.  My wife also interviewed some of my family members, friends, & former business partners & I will drop those shorter interviews every now & again in between my upcoming future episodes.  The cool thing is…I haven’t heard those interviews yet so I’ll be listening to them for the first time when you do (too). She interviewed my parents, my brother, & some of my most trusted & loved friends & business partners so they can give you their perspective on my hustle as well. I think it will be interesting & give more depth to that “blueprint” this podcast is meant to provide.

Keep in mind that this podcast was recorded almost a year ago, shortly after the quarantine went into effect. So, some of the things you'll hear might sound dated.  We weren't sure how we were going to present this episode so we held on to it for quite a while, finally just releasing it.  Enjoy!

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What's Your "Why"?
What Are We Drinking On?
Entrepreneurial Influence
Past Hustles
What Are We Drinking On Now?
You Fit in Anywhere, But You Don't Really Belong
Past Hustles (Cont'd) - The Music
The Idea Guy (& Even MORE Hustles)
Minute Money - $0.20/Minute
Real Estate & OwnerLand
I Gotta Guy
How This Podcast Came To Be
I Don't See Myself As An Entrepreneur - I'm A Hustler
Entrepreneurial Advice
The Measurement of My Success - A Refrigerator
This Podcast is My Passion Project - I Love Hearing People's Stories
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