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Ep 11 - Ali Rittenhouse International - Ali Rittenhouse

January 01, 2021 Matt DeMaris - The Cincy Brews Traveler / Ali Rittenhouse Season 1 Episode 11
Hustle & Brews
Ep 11 - Ali Rittenhouse International - Ali Rittenhouse
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On this episode we sat down w/ Shanelle’s classmate & my newest friend in Sidney…Ali Rittenhouse.  She is the owner of Ali Rittenhouse International.

The first time I met Ali, the whole idea of this podcast was just a blip of a thought in my head but I knew she was exactly the type of person that I would highlight on an episode if I ever made it happen. Well, here we are & I’m really excited for you to get to know her! She’s a social media guru, an online business coach, a consultant for entrepreneurs all over the word, & an incredible advocate & prod resident of her hometown of Sidney, Ohio. 


The takeaway on this episode is easy.  Simply put “You Can Do It” & no matter what you’re going through or what kind of obstacles you’re facing…you can get through it, overcome, prosper, & succeed!  Every entrepreneur faces challenges while building their business.  Most are small learning experiences that come as part of the process but some are massive. Some have nothing to do w/ the business or the goals either.  Some are just life situations that pop up out of nowhere or that have been issues longer than we can remember. Most of these types of obstacles would break you down whether you are building a business or working a 9-5.  

The bottom line is…we all go through some shit.  You might be going through something right now.  I just want to let you know that you can get through it…you’re stronger than you think…& you’re not alone in feeling like that.  Ali was very candid in telling her story & I already know it will inspire you if you’re in a place where you’re feeling like you don’t have any fight left in you.  You do…& you aren’t far from being amazing & happier than you’ve ever been!  Just keep grinding it out & believe in your hustle. You got this shit.

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Hometown Proud
"Leaving" Her Old Gig - The Start of Everything
What's Your "Why"?
What Are We Drinking On?
The Story/Rise of Ali Rittenhouse
Reduction Makes The Best Sauce
Always Learn & Grow
Never Give Up - The Best Exchange in This Podcast's History
What's Next - The Castle
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