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Ep 9 - Rebel Mettle Brewery - Mike Brown & Team

November 01, 2020 Matt DeMaris - The Cincy Brews Traveler / Mike Brown & the Rebel Mettle Team Season 1 Episode 9
Hustle & Brews
Ep 9 - Rebel Mettle Brewery - Mike Brown & Team
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***Note - Please excuse the sound on this one - We had some crazy reverb due to the venue & it effected the audio. However, now I know about what caused this so I will be more aware in the future (not including the next episode, because it happened there too & I turned them into production at the same time). Sorry y'all...I'm new to this, but I'm getting better. "I will fail my way to success"***

On this episode we’re talking to the crew behind Cincinnati’s newest brewery…Rebel Mettle…located on Central Avenue between 4th & 5th Streets in downtown’s business district.

 They’ve been open for about a month now, but we sat down with them for this interview only a few days before their grand opening. They were, literally, finishing up painting the floors when we showed up & had a sizable punch list of things to get to, so I was blown away when the whole team sat down w/ us! It was really great & there was definitely a noticeable “buzz” of excitement in the air about the quickly approaching Opening Day! 

 The big takeaway, for me, in this episode is the importance & value of the team.  It was immediately obvious that every single one of these folks had invested time, sweat, & beers to getting this place ready & each & everyone of them was as full of pride as they were exhausted.  Owner, Mike Brown, stressed the importance of everybody there as well as the one missing member, DWan, who we ended up meeting when we stopped down during the opening weekend. Mike talked about their value & his approach to managing several times through the interview & it was obvious he looked at his team like a family. I think the trust in one another was obvious & they were ready to start opening the taps to share their passion with their new neighbors & guests! 

 I was really impressed w/ everyone I talked to that day & all the beers I sampled were on point! I’ve been back a third time, too, & the most recent beer releases were super tasty too! I’ll be watching closely & showing them love for years to come!

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