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Ep 8 - Point to Point Inspections - Pete Day

September 01, 2020 Matt De. - The Cincy Brews Traveler / Pete Day Season 1 Episode 8
Hustle & Brews
Ep 8 - Point to Point Inspections - Pete Day
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Point to Point Inspections, LLC is located in Austin, TX & is owned by Pete Day.  After building a successful home inspection company, Pete began day trading on the side & is about to turn that side hustle into his main source of income.
Point to Point Inspections serves the greater Austin area & provides its clients with quality home inspections while providing honest feedback about a home's condition to help alleviate anxiety & build confidence through the home buying process.
While building the inspection business, Pete also began to dabble in another long-time interest...the stock market.  After years of self education & trading, he has come to the point where his strategy & approach are starting to pay off. So much so, that he's preparing to switch his day trading side hustle with the home inspection business!
Pete is a great example of how many entrepreneurs operate, in that he is always looking for new ways to create revenue streams.  The hustle just don't stop with this guy! Creating one successful business wasn't enough, so he focused on his next move while building the first one up & now has the luxury of switching them out.

I don't have contact info for you on this one.  If you need a home inspection in Austin, hopefully he'll still be doing that by the time you get in touch with him after listening to this.  Otherwise, you might have to wait a few years until our follow up interview to get updated on how his day trading is going. If you're an aspiring attention.  Be like Pete.
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Episode Summary
The Business & What's Your "Why"?
What Are We Drinking On?
Clear The Day
Biz Overview & A Few More Brews
Our History & Entrepreneurial Influence
Hustle Blood
Starting Point to Point Inspections
The Freedom - The Bad & The GOOD
The Newer, Next Hustle
Day Trading Options
Analyzing Other Options (Constantly)
Back To Day Trading - Formulating Pete's Process
Tesla It Is
Entrepreneurial Advice
Credits - Music & Production