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Ep 6 - McHarper Manor - Tabitha & Tom Harper @ Narrow Path Brewing Co.

June 15, 2020 Matt DeMaris - The Cincy Brews Traveler / Tabitha & Tom Harper Season 1 Episode 6
Hustle & Brews
Ep 6 - McHarper Manor - Tabitha & Tom Harper @ Narrow Path Brewing Co.
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McHarper Manor is located in a beautiful historic building located in Milford, OH & is owned by Tabitha & Tom Harper, who are two amazing individuals who recently (& unexpectedly) found out what its like to “go viral” on a global scale!
McHarper Manor offers in-person & online Arts & Crafts classes taught by owner, Tabitha Harper, & many other local artists eager & excited to share & teach their love of the arts.  They cover many mediums to engage & inspire people of all ages & from every corner of the globe with a passion for creativity. They provide the space & instruction for anyone & everyone to create something beautiful. 
They initially caught my attention when I found out they are the creators of the locally legendary Cincy Brewery Map Shirts, but it was their recent viral explosion that catapulted them to the front of my list of guests!  They…blew…up, y’all!!!!  I’ve never seen anything like what they experienced & I wanted to sit down & talk about it over a few brews while it was still fresh.  A single post spawned from a compassionate & empathetic reaction for all of the kids & parents blindsided by the stay-at-home order, sent them on a journey of viral rock stars & completely changed their way of doing business.
They are another truly local small business that just happened to capture the attention of people across the country & all over the world.  They have always been supportive of their fellow artists & other businesses in the city they call home.  Look them up…join a class or buy a shirt or something…just show them support because they absolutely deserve it.   Just make sure you tell them you heard about them here!
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Episode Summary
The Business & What's Your "Why"?
What Are We Drinking On?
How We Met & the Cincy Brewery Map Shirt
Introducing Chad Powers (Founder & Chief Custodian at Narrow Path Brewing)
Back to the Cincy Brewery Map Shirt
The Brew Breakdown - Beer Education w/ Chad Powers (Narrow Path Head Brewer)
Entrepreneurial Influence
Starting McHarper Manor
Final Round Breakdown
Going Viral During Pandemic - The Pivot
We Broke Amazon
"Facebook Was Calling Me On The Phone"
You "Gary Vee'd" Them - Give w/o Expecting Anything in Return
These Businesses Are Our Babies
Entrepreneurial Advice
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