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Ep 4 - Rob Radford's Boxing 4 Fitness - Rob Radford @ Bad Tom Smith Brewing (Madisonville)

April 01, 2020 Matt DeMaris - The Cincy Brews Traveler / Rob Radford Season 1 Episode 4
Hustle & Brews
Ep 4 - Rob Radford's Boxing 4 Fitness - Rob Radford @ Bad Tom Smith Brewing (Madisonville)
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Rob Radford's Boxing 4 Fitness is located in Madisonville, OH & has been dedicated to whipping Cincinnatians into shape for over 25 years.  

My wife & I sat down with Rob at Bad Tom Smith Brewing on the corner of Madison & Whetsel Aves (just a few blocks away from his gym) & listened in amazement as he told us some of the most entertaining stories ever.  We also (mainly) talked about how he built his dream from the ground up.  His stories were as incredible as his grind!

Boxing for fitness is located on Eriee Ave right on the curve by Whetsel Ave. &  is one of the most unique workout programs in the city!  The motto is "Train Like The Pros Without The Blows" & Rob is pretty sure he was the first boxing-only fitness gym in the country.  The 60 minute classes offer a total body workout through intense & fun interval training for all ages & levels of fitness. Rob also offers personal training w/ customized workouts designed specifically for you that are supplemented w/ a healthy nutritional plan. On top of that, Rob works w/ professional boxers, MMA athletes, & has even trained celebrities like Dave Bautista!

Rob is a skilled teacher & an excellent motivator.  His style of training & methods of encouragement to help build self esteem is a perfect fit for his business.  Recognizing what you're good at & knowing how to utilize it is crucial for any entrepreneur starting their own hustle.  Rob has humbly nailed that down & capitalized on his natural ability to push people  w/ his zen-like demeanor & high level of likeability.  As always, I encourage anyone reading this to look up Rob & Boxing 4 Fitness & stop in for an amazing workout. 
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That One Time Rob Whooped My Ass
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Dave Batista (Why did I keep saying "David"? - I was tipsy)
That Time I Met the Wu Tang Clan & Partied w/ Method Man
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