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Ep 3 - Emmett Ridge Farm - Jeremy Boswell @ BC's Bottle Lodge (Montgomery)

March 01, 2020 Matt DeMaris - The Cincy Brews Traveler / Jeremy Boswell Season 1 Episode 3
Hustle & Brews
Ep 3 - Emmett Ridge Farm - Jeremy Boswell @ BC's Bottle Lodge (Montgomery)
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Emmett Ridge Farm (ERF) is located in Amelia, OH (just outside of Cincinnati) & their mission is to instigate a mind shift, & help lead the charge to a vibrant & sustainable food system. They do this by showing people how they create food for their community &!  If you are concerned with & want to feel confident about the food you feed your family, & are looking for a local source that you can trust is treating their animals & the process w/ integrity...look no further.  Go online to find out more or go visit Emmett Ridge Farm in person & check out what they are doing.  Seeing is believing!

Jeremy is as intense as he is driven.  In order to step into the role of an entrepreneur or business owner, you need to be focused & willing to go all-in.  He knew what he needed to do in order to make this dream happen & he went for it.  Plain & "simple".  You'll hear him talk about "tenacity" & it'll be evident that the level of tenacity that he's running on is through the roof! The drive, the passion, the focus, & the integrity are all additional qualities that make this guy's hustle so successful & interesting.  I urge anyone reading these words to look ERF up & give them a try. 

I sat down with Jeremy at BC's Bottle Lodge in Montgomery & we shared a few brews (& laughs) while we discussed his journey to becoming a first-generation farmer & the owner of Emmett Ridge Farm.

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