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Ep 23 - Hustler's Brews (1st Run) - Anthony "Tank" Mansfield - Rants & Rabbit Holes

May 25, 2023 Matt DeMaris - The Cincy Brews Traveler / Anthony "Tank" Mansfield Season 4 Episode 1
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Ep 23 - Hustler's Brews (1st Run) - Anthony "Tank" Mansfield - Rants & Rabbit Holes
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This is the first run in a new sub-series of Hustle & Brews podcasts called “Hustler’s Brews”. In this new series, I’ll be periodically sitting down w/ local hustlers that have collaborated w/ a local brewery on their very own beer! I’ll be doing these whenever there’s a new collab coming out…or in this case out…distributed…& probably not even available at this point.  I think it’s cool as hell when a local brewery collabs w/ a local hustler, or influencer, or podcaster, or maybe just a regular to their brewery. I’d love to see more of this so I’m going to highlight them when they happen!

This episode…The Hustler’s Brews first run is w/ local artist & podcaster Anthony “Tank” Mansfield. Tank hosts the podcast “What Ya Into” where he sits down each week w/ a new guest & talks about well…what they’re into. It’s a great concept & Tank is a EXCELLENT host. He really digs into a ridiculously wide range of topics like a pro & gives his listeners a great depth of info on each topic by masterfully interviewing his guests on every episode.

He's also cool as hell…he loves craft beer…& he teamed up w/ Highgrain Brewing Company to create “Rants & Rabbit Holes”…a delicious Hazy Double IPA. This is the story on how that brew came to be. Enjoy!

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Introducing The "Hustler's Brew" Sub Series & Anthony "Tank" Mansfield
The Brew - Rants & Rabbit Holes
How The Collab Happened