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Ep 21 - Wieland Lawn Care - Chad Wieland

December 24, 2022 Matt DeMaris - The Cincy Brews Traveler / Chad Wieland Season 3 Episode 4
Hustle & Brews
Ep 21 - Wieland Lawn Care - Chad Wieland
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On this episode I sit down w/ a local legend at The Little Miami Brewing Company in Milford, Ohio…my hometown.  This guy is known all over but there aren’t many people in Milford that haven’t crossed paths w/ him. This dude is as unique & kind as they come. He’s amazing company when tossin’ back a few cold ones too. When he started his new business last year…I knew I was going to have him on the podcast. On Episode 21…I’m talking to Chad Weiland of Weiland Lawn Care.

I recorded this back in like March. I’m late...I know. The takeaway is easy on this one & it’s my motto…”be happy” or “chase happiness” or, in this case…"Be like Chad". No more needs to be said really.

Episode Summary
What's Your "Why"?
Starting The Hustle "Later in Life"
Interlude - "All I Ever Wanted"
What Are We Drinking On?
Flippin' The Record on the Interview - Side B - There's ALOT to Starting A Business
Let's Talk About Stripes (Remember That Time Curt Was Talkin' Shit About My Stripes?)
Interlude - "All I Ever Wanted"
We Mow So You Don't Have Toooooo"
The Magnet Man
Entrepreneurial Advice
Freedom is SO Valuable
Your Better Half (Brittany) - Shanelle's Question
Credits - Music & Production
Extra Side Convo I Just Couldn't Throw Out