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Ep 19 - Panda Trading Co, Dope, Decibel - Kam Siu

June 19, 2022 Matt DeMaris - The Cincy Brews Traveler / Kam Siu Season 3 Episode 2
Hustle & Brews
Ep 19 - Panda Trading Co, Dope, Decibel - Kam Siu
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I sat down w/ Cincinnati entrepreneur Kam Siu at Esoteric Brewing in Walnut Hills, OH.

Kam Siu is the CEO of Panda Trading Company, Dope Asian Street Fare, & Decibel Korean Fried Chicken.

Kam's ability to network & build a killer team/reliable work force, coupled w/ his drive & creativity have made him into one of the fastest growing hustlers in our city. If you ask him, he probably won't say it happened fast but he has created a lot of unique businesses in a relatively short time period. 

We are also joined by Esoteric's Assistant Brand Manager, Juice, to talk about the brews we consumed during the podcast & the brewery itself.

Podcast Production: John Bl@ze
Theme Music: "Farmers Name" by Highly Likely
Sponsor Music: "Sunset Years" by Cory Christopher Beats 

Episode Summary
Runnin' Through the List of the Businesses
What's Your "Why"?
What Are We Drinking On?
The Cincy Brewing Community
Decibel & Some Beer Talk
Entrepreneurial Influence & Kam's Work Timeline
The Young Hustler & the Hustles
Escaping the Rat Race
The Power of Networking - The Most Amazing Warm Intro Ever
The Path to Becoming a Dope Chef & Networking
Influences & Passing Along Game
Entrepreneurial Advice & Hip Hop
Entrepreneurial Habits
What's Next?
Credits - Music & Production